Where did Mom sleep last night?

Day 86-88, 10-12 August 2017

Staying in Khaosan Family Youth Hostel in Chitose the last 3 nights before flying back to South Africa.

Day 84-85, 8-9 August 2017

Camping next to Lake Kanayama near Minamifurano, Hokkaido

Day 82-83, 6 and 7 August 2017

Camping at Silver Campgrounds abour 20km out of Biei, Hokkaido

Day 77-81, 1- 5 August 2017

I spent 5 nights in Sapporo at a vibrant, energetic, loving-life young lady, Szilvia Naggy, my last Warmshowers host for this journey through Japan. What an amazing woman she is with a heart that always has room for more.

Day 74, 29 July 2017

Hiked the 1898 metre Mount Yotei today. Staying overnight in the hut on top… Absolutely amazing!


Day 73, 75, 76 – 28,30,31 July 2017

Staying with amazing Warmshowers hosts, Ross and Deborah Keaton, in Kutchan, Hokkaido. A lovely couple inside out who are blessing me out of my socks.



Day 72, 27 July 2017

Last minute decision due to darkness getting to me, camp at sportsgrounds outside Suttsu.



Day 71, 26 July 2017

Camp at Benkei Cape in Suttsu


Day 69, 24 July 2017

Masako San, a local teacher that I met in the onsen, invited me to come stay with her the night… in Kuromatsunai.


Day 68&70, 23&25 July 2017

My left pedal broke off and I was given a lift into closest town, Kuromatsunai. Was dropped at onsen and camped there with special permission from onsen manager until Shummie (bike) and I was ready to go again.


Day 63-67, 18-22 July 2017

Camp in free camping ground next to Yukichichibu onsen, Niseko.


Day 62, 17 July 2017

Camp in camping ground next to Goshiki Onsen, Niseko.



Day 60-61, 15-16 July 2017

Camp in camping ground behind Kyogoku Onsen in Kyogoku, next to Mount Yotei.


Day 59, 14 July 2017

Camp in Ukimido Park in Toyako, on the opposite side of Lake Toya from last night. Serene setting once again.


Day 58, 13 July 2017

Camp at the view point in Sobetsu Park overlooking Lake Toya… so beautiful…


Day 57, 12 July 2017

Camp at Bifue camping ground next to Lake Shikotsu in Hokkaido.



Day 56, 11 July 2017

Overnight ferry from Sendai, Miyagi to Tomakomai in Hokkaido. Slept on sleeping mat no 24 in women’s tatami room. Discovered great new friends!


Day 48 to 55, 3 – 10 July 2017

A week full of connection, sharing and enjoying yet more treasures that I discover in God – the Smithdorff family! Stayed with them in Tome, Miyagi Prefecture.


Day 46 and 47, 1 – 2 July 2017

Big surprise to us all – God took me back to Kanazawa so I had 2 more nights with the Munday family!


Day 45, 30 June 2017

Wild camping in a park in Tsurugi, Ishikawa Prefecture.


Day 44, 29 June 2017

Surprise last minute arrangement by Chika who organised for me to sleep in the Katsuyama Christian Church. Amazing!


Day 36 to 43, 21-28 June 2017

Stayed with Pastor Chika Onoyama at The Lighthouse in Mikuni, Fukui Prefecture. Home away from home…



Day 35, 20 June 2017

Camping wild close to Tojinbo Cliffs, Fukui Prefecture.



Day 34, 19 June 2017

Stayed with the Munday family of Kanazawa, whom I met at a wedding 2 days before. Lovely tatami room and gorgeous meals in a beautiful home full of love…



Day 31 to 33, 16 – 18 June 2017

Stayed with Pastor Nob and Emerita Sakai of Uchinada Bible Church in Uchinada. Lovely room in a warm and loving home.



Day 30, 15 June 2017

Stayed in the beautiful wooden home of Takayuki Gofuku in Toyama. Taka is one of the Warmshowers members and offered to host me tonight. Had a lovely soft bed and wonderful food prepared by his sister.



Day 29, 14 June 2017

We took a rest day today to do some washing and admin. Last day of camping with my 2 new friends. Still at Matsushima Auto Camping Ground, Notojima Island.



Day 28, 13 June 2017

Camping with Steffi and Adriano at Matsushima Auto Camping Ground, Notojima Island.



Day 27, 12 June 2017

Camping with Adriano and Steffi on a tiny little hill right next to the sea (our own little ‘island’ we called it) close to Kabuto, Noto Peninsula…



Day 26, 11 June 2017

Camping wild next to the lighthouse at most northern point of Noto Peninsula… With Adriano and Steffi.



Day 25, 10 June 2017

We only left Wajima at 14h30 and camped at one of the rest stations somewhere on our way to Suzu…



Day 23 and 24, 8-9 June 2017

Camping (for free as well) on the official campground, right next to the sea, of the beautiful town Wajima… Still with Adriano and Steffi. We took a rest day in Wajima.




Day 22, 7 June 2017

Wild camping with my 2 new friends from Switzerland, Adriano and Steffi… In the field somewhere on the Noto Peninsula…



Day 21, 6 June 2017

Wild camping close to Oshima Beach Resort, Shika, Ishikawa prefecture



Day 19 and 20, 4-5 June 2017

Sleeping in the Japanese room at Uchinada Bible Church



Day 10 to 18, 26 May – 3 June 2017

Visiting Simeon and Lianne Bothma, Fukuyama, Hiroshima prefecture



Day 9, 25 May 2017

Camping at Innoshimaohashi Memorial Park, next to Innoshima Bridge, Onomichi Island.



Day 8, 24 May 2017

Camping at Setoda Sunset Beach, Onomichi Island.



Day 6 and 7, 22-23 May 2017

Hosted by warmshowers members, Tsuneto and Akiko, in Imabari…



Day 5, 21 May 2017

Camping in the forest again, all by myself in tiny Sentokanai National Park…



Day 4, 20 May 2017

Being blessed with super discounted price to sleep in Mikado Inn at Nibukawa Hot Springs, Imabari…



Day 3, 19 May 2017

Wild camping in the forest of Takanawa mountain after getting lost… 🙈



Day 1 and 2, 17-18 May 2017

Hosted by Taka, a warmshowers.org member, in Matsuyama, Shikoku Island…