Sunday, 25 June 2017 – Baking rusks, enjoying fellowship and volleyball

What an awesome day! I got to bake rusks, yes, real South African rusks!
Chika got me all the ingredients (with a little bit of Japanese tweeking here and there) and we were all very excited to taste them… Heee haaa! Tomorrow’s coffee will be South African style again – WITH RUSKS.





At 2pm we had a combined church service with Bunkyo Gospel Centre from Fukui and another church at The Lighthouse.


A bunch of great people – Dan, pastor Satoro, Karen, Jingli, Satchi, and pastor Chika!


And then a sudden departure from church as I got invited to go play volleyball with Bunkyo Gospel Centre’s own volleyball team! June and Keiko take me into Fukui City but first treat me to the most amazing sushi on the way there!
Here I am with June… Such a caring heart and looking out for my well-being the whole evening until I was safely on my way home (The Lighthouse) again.


All sorts of salmon delight… some of the best sushi I have had  in my life – it just melted in your mouth!


Keiko, what a blessing you are. Thank you June and Keiko for this blessing and special time together!

Two hours of volleyball…
Had a great evening with these guys!

And then more sharing over dinner afterwards.

Still some sushi in my tummy so I opt for sweet potato in a desert form… Very nice indeed!

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