21-29 June 2017 – Mom at the Lighthouse… in Mikuni, Fukui Prefecture…

The Lighthouse is a shelter for people who got rescued from attempting suicide by the nearby Tojinbo Cliffs, one of the passions of Chika Onoyama, an amazing lady whom I got to meet here in Japan. I spent 8 wonderful days of caring, connecting, building new friendships, and sharing in the lives of many people while at the Lighthouse. A rich time indeed…

Let me share just briefly who and what I got to enjoy in this wonderful place.

The moment I walked through the door it felt like home… I am welcomed by Chika (on the left) and Satchi (one of the volunteers helping at the Lighthouse, and then dear Mitsuko, an 87 year old lady currently hosted there after being rescued from the cliffs.



Chika… What an amazing heart full of love this woman has! My sister, you are such a blessing to every one around you and I got to be one of them for 8 days… I treasure the time we spent together and take beautiful memories with me.


22 June 2017 – I went for a stroll through Mikuni Sunset Beach… A cute little town with amazing sunsets indeed.






Friday 23 June 2017 – It was a beautiful day and I cycled into Fukui City to join this bunch of friendly people for a great evening of sharing at the English Cafe hosted at the Bunkyo Gospel Centre. The English Cafe is hosted every Friday evening and provides a platform for practicing and improving English and connecting and sharing with new (and old) friends.




Saturday 24 June 2017 – From 10am the Mamma Mia kids club get together at The Lighthouse for fun and games and sharing lives and a meal together.





My new friend Jingli with Kurumi and little Michori…



Next to The Lighthouse is the small old church building that is now used to host the ‘One Touch Cafe’ from 12h00 on Saturdays when various people from the community come for a tasty western meal (prepared by Chika and her awesome team – Satchi and Karen) and English conversation.

At my first table I met these lovely 2 ladies – Kinka Kato, a Chinese lady whose birthday it was that day, and her friend Li Dan. They were on their way to a performance after lunch to continue her birthday celebrations.


At the next table I had the honor to join in the conversation that Kiyoko and Akane Yahara (mother and daughter) had with Karen from Malaysia. Kiyoko and Akane are keen hikers and shared stories about their hiking expeditions to Nepal.



Aaah and then this lovely family… The Fan family. They are our neighbours and I got to spend quite a bit of time with Jingli, sharing many deep and wonderful conversations about God and His love for us. So, Saturday night they invited me for dinner. Daisuke, Jingli’s husband, is Japanese while Jingli is Chinese.


After dinner Chika and Mitsuko arrived with desert for everyone! From ‘the Cake Shop’ down the street… The owner who I look forward to get to meet a few days later.

Little Kurumi (5 years old) is learning Chinese too and practice some words with Chika…







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