20 – 21 June 2017 – Kanazawa to Fukui…

For those who did not notice – Mom ended up posting most of her updates during the trip in Japan to Facebook and not the blog, reasons being the lack of time available to produce videos and lack of proper internet connection to upload photos and posts to the  blog. Facebook was somehow just easy to upload to.  All the Facebook posts will now be incorporated into the blog to allow those readers following on the blog only to also have the full story. Let’s continue then where we last left off – leaving the Munday family on 20 June 2017…

Mom greeted the Munday family after a divine time together (one day felt like a lifetime of connection) and set off to Fukui where I will meet Chika from The Lighthouse the next day. A whole new chapter is waiting… Who will I get to meet there and what will I learn and experience about God and His love for me and everyone and everything around me? Loving this journey of discovery!

Mata ne (see you again) Munday family! You are an awesome bunch and I thoroughly enjoyed you!


Matthew and Joel seeing me off…


Some off the scenery on the way to Fukui…


Flowers are often coloring in the Japanese streets. These bright purple beauties lining this route blessed me intensely…


It is as if they sparkle! I am sure if my ears could tune in to their wave length I would hear them singing for joy…


Many kilometres of riding next to the sea and sights like this…


Around lunch time this perfect hide out from a very hot sun appeared…


Rested for an hour (or maybe two?), got the kettle out and enjoyed a cup of coffee of course…


Further down the road I met these two enjoying a romantic afternoon. They were keen to have a conversation and we enjoyed some time together.


Then this beautiful big dog came to say hello… Such a proud dog…


And still further on… another beautiful sight!


I arrive at Mikuni around 6pm and start looking for a place to camp. There is a campsite across the road but no view to behold. So when I spot this piece of open green grass right next to the sea, my heart smiled…


Went down to investigate and it looks just perfect to me!


What can I say with a view like this?


Shummie off loads immediately!


And I am set for the night…


A beautiful evening… Dinner while overlooking the sea with many boats out fishing (those lights you see on the horizon = fishing boats).


Next morning… A rainy day…


But no problem, as I am blessed with a shelter right next to me! Stunning view from my kitchen today won’t you say?


The shelter is very spacious – my whole tent is moved under roof where it can dry before departure later on…



The rain stopped and I went to enjoy the botanical garden across the road…





Passing the Tojinbo cliffs on my way to Chika, my next stop…



Arriving at The Lighthouse just as the rain started again… very excited to meet Chika! To be continued…





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