Mom is finally off to Japan!

With my visa in my hand and my bike in a box, I am finally off to Japan.  Together, Schummi (my bike) and I will explore God there and spread His love where we go.

All the preparations and goodbyes are done and I thank each and every one who is joining me on this adventure in their hearts. Let’s go love on the world!

What a blessing it is to KNOW that you LIVE… IN… GOD…, you move in Him, and you have your being IN Him!

Here is my VLOG (i.e. ‘video blog’, for those who dont know) on my setting off…


3 thoughts on “Mom is finally off to Japan!

  1. Sterkte met jou awesome “journey”. Mag God jou elke sekonde van elke dag styf in sy hande toevou. Jy is ñ inspirasie.


  2. Met God aan die stuur, lyk hierdie na die mees WONDERLIKE avontuur!! Prys U Naam ons groot God!! Hou ons sussa asb STYF in U hand vas! Alle eer aan U soos wat Christina U liefde gaan versprei…xxxxxxx


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